the 7 most important pieces in every salon business

December 21, 2015By genesissalon branding

The salon business is very lucrative and fulfilling. However, since ~85% of owners lose money, the salon business can be pretty unstable. It’s lucrative because nearly everyone needs a haircut on a regular basis. It’s fulfilling because of the positive impact we have on the way our clients feel about themselves. Yet, it’s unstable because … Read More

how to get found online

December 4, 2015By genesismarketing & design, salon branding

HOW TO GET FOUND ONLINE. HOW TO GET MORE “BUTTS IN THE CHAIR.” Let’s face it; the salon and spa business is one of the most competitive out there. The margins are modest, the clients fickle, and the saturation… well, you know the answer. So how does a salon stand out from the crowd? That’s … Read More

the private label hair care advantage

September 29, 2015By genesisprivate label

How does having my own private label hair care products help me build credibility and trust with my clients so that they rebook, refer and write great reviews? Have you ever met someone that has written a book? What is your immediate response? My response usually is “I’m impressed! You must be an expert.” Basically, … Read More

salon management tips: preventing the summer blues

April 6, 2015By genesissalon branding

Summer is full of sunshine, fragrant blooms and warm breezes, but summer is also a challenging time of year for many salon owners. This is the season when your clients may be skipping their regular salon visits in lieu of summer getaways and long days at the swimming pool.   As a salon owner, you’ve … Read More

conversations for stylists about diversion

March 20, 2015By genesissalon branding

If you own a small business/salon, you know how hard it is to avoid product diversion. Sometimes your stylists may have trouble conversing with clients about diversion and communicating the reasons why your clients should buy from your salon. Below are some talking points that we suggest giving to your stylists to refer to. Make … Read More

salon management tips: 5 steps to better team meetings

January 26, 2015By genesissalon branding

When it comes to running a business, there is one thing that should not be taken for granted. That is: the power of communication. Whether you are communicating hair care techniques to your clients or giving your staff salon management tips, this is one area that deserves your attention.   One way to keep open … Read More

tips for salon financial management

January 19, 2015By genesissalon branding

When you run a successful salon, you see countless trends. Whether it’s a sleek haircut or a new color, you always know what’s hot. In addition to staying on top of current trends, salon financial management is an important task that should stay at the top of your to-do list. Devoting time to managing your … Read More

start educating clients and increase salon retail sales

January 14, 2015By genesissalon branding

You are an expert in your field and it’s time to flaunt it. Research from the Professional Beauty Association shows that most salon clients overwhelmingly agree that they want their hair dresser to help them solve beauty issues and teach them how to care for their hair. Clients want your insight and expert opinions. Engaging … Read More

starting a salon with class and culture

January 12, 2015By genesissalon branding

Culture. It’s a word we all know, but how is it relevant to your business? Whether you are just starting a salon or have been in the business for decades your success relies on your ability to build an organization with great culture. Then, once you attain it, you must protect it wholeheartedly. Management consultant, … Read More