Here are some tips to make sure that your staff is on board and really engaged when you launch your private label:

  1. Before you even get to that point, you want to make sure they are part of the very beginning process of you selecting the products, testing formulas, and choosing the products and brand that you decide to go with. If they don’t feel part of it, they’re not going to feel like it’s their brand. Instead, they’ll feel like its your brand. So you want them to be there at the ground level.
  2. Maybe they are even part of the naming of the brands and naming of the products. Really bring them on board so they can identify with the brand.
  3. It’s really important to remember that, because this isn’t a traditional brand, you’re not going to have an educator coming in and launching it on behalf of the brand. You have to do that yourself. Leverage your team to do that. Prior to the launch, have them each identify with the products, play with them, come up with their own personalized cocktail, and share with their peers, so that when you have this really rich launch class, everyone feels brought into it and making sure they feel on the ground level that it’s their brand and not yours. This is critical so that you are successful and that they are successful.
  4. You might want to consider leveraging some of that extra margin you have with your own private label brand. Somehow channeling those extra benefits back to your team so they feel there is something in it for them too. Have a great success with the launch of your brand and call Genesis with any additional questions!