Meets Private Label

 Are natural ingredients important to you?


Sunflower Seed Extract

Adds shine and protection

Coconut Milk Protein

Leaves hair silky, strong,

and smooth


Seals color and balances moisture level

Quinoa Protein

Provides maximum fullness

Sericite Mica

Smooths, seals, and adds shine


Improves elasticity and hydrates

Pumpkin Seed

Adds flexible strength and manageability

Bentonite Clay

Provides moveable hold, adds strength, and protects

Kaolin Clay

Provides hold without stickiness and oil absorption

Hemp Seed Proteins

Fight fly-aways and frizz

Thoroughly Researched and Clinically Tested

Our exclusive plant powered haircare uses natural mineral sources + botanical protein catalysts to deliver what’s most important to your clients: Healthy manageable hair that is smooth, soft and strong, shines, and holds its color.

Each of our private label hair care products contain a precise dosage of minerals and protein catalysts uniquely designed to achieve results you can see and feel.

Of course, our shampoos and conditioners are color and keratin safe for all hair types including wigs and extensions!

Nature In Action

Our Plant Powered collection combines the deep penetrating properties of natural minerals with botanical (plant) protein catalysts to deliver all the nutritional benefits healthy hair needs.

When carrier minerals like quartz, rhodochrosite, and bismuth are perfectly paired with botanical protein catalysts such as pumpkin seed, quinoa, and silk proteins; the building blocks of healthy hair are replenished and repaired deeply within the hair shaft for lasting results!

Results You Can See and Feel!

Our anti-aging, collagen-building, and thermo-protective properties leave hair beautiful, strong, and manageable with lasting color hold.

Whether your clients’ hair needs nourishment, moisture, volume, taming, or hold, your private label hair care products will perform to professional standards!

Your personally branded shampoos, conditioners, leave-ins, and styling products work to sustain hair’s innate wellness and beauty!

See for yourself,

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*Genesis products are not tested on Animals