meet genesis

we build your salon's brand, not ours.

innovation, participation, and fun!

We created genesis to help transform salons into strong unique brands. We’re creating relationships with salons across the country based on our values of innovation, participation, and fun. For years, big name hair care products were used in order to brand salons—but today’s opportunity is for salons to be the brand by creating and starting their own private label hair care product line. Our vision is that one day when you’re asked which hair care products brand you admire most you’ll say, “My brand!”.

ready for a twist?

We’re changing how the brand game is played—at first, one salon at a time. Then a handful and dozens at once. An avalanche is coming filled with branding radicals who realize their best investment is creating starting their own hair care product line and putting their name on their own brand made possible by three genesis innovations:

  • Giving you access to premium formulations.
  • Showing you how to invest and build your own private label hair care products brand.
  • Providing you with a turnkey program that even a solo practitioner can afford and implement.

Join the movement to be the brand. Our promise is to build your brand not ours—see it and feel it in everything we do.

"We're changing how the brand game is played."

meet jay

Jay Williams, Principal at genesis private label

Jay Williams
Chief Branding Radical

Brands are a lot like faces—if they were all the same it would be hard to tell them apart.

What sets genesis apart is not just what we do but why we’re doing it and who we are. We create the opportunity for any salon to create their own private label hair products containing premium hair care formulations. Until now it has been almost impossible for you to get access to formulations from the labs creating winners behind today’s big name brands. That’s the problem we’re solving. Now you can put your name on prestige product.

Being surrounded by talented, caring, and hardworking people dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our customers is an amazing feeling for me. genesis is a team of people who share three common values. Innovation, zigging when others are zagging;Participation, everyone has something to contribute to our common cause, and Fun, which around here usually includes someone telling me, “Hey, your hair looks nice today.”

Why do you do the work you do? Here’s my “Why.” I may not have a lot of hair but I do have tons of experience. For over ten years I’ve worked with you day in and day out and I can tell you something from the heart. You need someone in your corner. You need someone who succeeds when you succeed—not at your expense. You need someone to help you put your hard earned money to work. And, transforming your salon—however successful—into a recognizable face gives you a competitive advantage that no one can take away. I’m glad you found us. I can’t wait to meet you.

As you see, we are more than just another private label hair care products manufacturer. We offer a system that helps you grow your business by building your brand.