Woman Excited For Custom Branded Private Label

About Genesis Private Label

We created Genesis to help beauty professionals build strong unique brands. We’re creating relationships across the country based on our values of innovation, participation, and fun. For years, big name hair care products have used you to build their brands with your clientele —but today’s opportunity is for salons and haircare professionals to become the brand by creating and starting their own private label hair care product line. Our vision is that when you’re asked which hair care product brand you love most you’ll say, “My brand!”.

  We understand the needs of a small business because we are one! Other private label company’s are hard to work with and barely return your calls! Not with us! We will take the time to help you through the entire process to make it as streamlined and easy as possible. Our success is your success so at Genesis we don’t just have clients; we have partners!

Ready for a Twist?

We’re changing how the brand game is played. An avalanche is coming filled with branding radicals who realize their best investment is creating their own custom branded private label hair care product line. Why build someone else’s brand when you can build your own? Genesis makes yoyr dream attainable with our three main innovations:

  • Giving you access to premium professional formulations. These are the real deal, not some big box brand detergent. We use the same lab that makes many prestigious salon brands.
  • Teaching and Supporting you on your success.  We don’t just make great products and leave you by yourself, we give you tools and ideas to help you succeed with your brand!
  • Providing you with a turnkey program that even a solo practitioner can afford and implement. Our model is the most cost effective approach to having your own brand!

Our promise is to build your brand, not ours!