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As a talented hardworking stylist you’ve grown over the years into an expanded business owner. You know that to realize your dreams you must continue to grow, adapt, and innovate.

Creating and starting a private label hair care products line for your salon is a shift in your thinking that will transform your small business into a recognizable private label brand. The difference is power. Power to attract more clients. Power to attract and keep the best staff. And, the power to invest in your salon’s growth and vitality.

You believe in yourself and you believe in your salon. The first step to launching your own successful private label hair products featuring products such as custom shampoo and conditioner, styling cream, hairspray, flex paste, and much more. Begin the first step into a line that will become your own and one your customers will begin to love and trust. 

custom private label hair care sample kit

Request a private-label customized hair care sample kit now and receive all of our retail-size products from our comprehensive line that are great for all hair types! (*Products subject to availability).

After testing your new products, if you complete your enrollment with Genesis within thirty (30) days of receiving your private label sample kit, we’ll credit the cost toward your first order, making it absolutely free!

“Note to self, order samples ASAP!”