5 tips for standing out on Instagram

February 2, 2020By genesis private label

It’s so important for salons to stay up to date on all the latest social media trends and how to easily get found online. Learn the 5 best tips for standing out on instagram! 1. stick to one niche! Followers who are not your personal friends follow you for a specific reason. Stick to that! If … Read More

4 reasons you should change up your retail display

January 6, 2020By genesis private label

Changing your salon retail display is just as important in driving sales as your expertise in the product you’re selling. Window displays are a well known tool at effectively bringing clients into your shop to check out what you’ve got and you can’t let the attraction stop there. Your retail display is a unique opportunity … Read More

5 tips for selling salon retail products

December 20, 2019By genesis private label

Selling salon products is an increasingly difficult challenge these days given all the competition around us. Now more than ever it is a necessary part of a salon’s revenue mix in order to be profitable. The good news is that there are some action steps you can take that can help you achieve your goal. … Read More

why private label hair care is sweeping salons [video]

December 6, 2019By Results Repeat

 Private label hair care is sweeping the retail world and salons because two things are converging right now. First, retailers, including salons, are starting to realize that their brand means more to the life of their clients and is more powerful in the life of their clients than the other brands that they carry. … Read More