Avoid the Catch-22

When you partner with Genesis, a private label hair products manufacturer, we show you how to create your own hair product line so you can invest in your own brand and keep your profits. Until now you really haven’t had a choice. With name brand hair care products you pay top dollar to put money in their pocket. Promises of products flying off the shelf somehow evaporate as you realize you’re recommending hair care products that clients can find and are buying elsewhere.

Traditional private label hair product manufacturers come with set up costs and buy-ins that few can really afford. And once you have started and try to sell your full line of hair care products in house, no one is there to help you merchandise and sell. With Genesis, you receive valuable merchandising, promotion, and sales support helping make your private label hair products as successful as your salon.

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Get Access to Professional Formulations

Traditional private label hair product manufacturers force you to settle for tired or undifferentiated shampoo and conditioner formulations. Genesis puts its buying power and marketing muscle on the line and gives you access to prestige formulations that create the results you and your clients expect. With Genesis your proprietary private label hair care products are formulated in the same labs that create winners for today’s big name brands.

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Your Total Success

Genesis exists to help salon owners create a strong hair products brand. That’s why we’re focused on helping you start your own hair care product line, merchandise it, sell it through, and then use the profits to make your salon stronger. With genesis’ private label hair care products you create your own hair products line for a total solution for your salon not just a hair care line with your name on it.

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What Some Of Our Clients Say

“We love genesis! We brought this into our salon a little over two years ago. It is our number one selling shampoo and conditioner and EMT is our number one selling product in the whole salon. Great company to work with and help you get on your way to selling your own brand. It is the only line we carry that is exclusively sold only in our salon. Thank you genesis.”

– Dawn Billing