Brand your products, process, and people

Introducing your own line of prestige private label natural hair care products is the right move—but that’s just the beginning. At genesis branding runs deep. That’s why we offer education specifically designed to help you make a difference for your clients, stand out from your competition, and inspire your people.


Your brand is made up of thousands of tiny fragments in the minds of your clients. Learn how to get inside their heads—and their hearts.

How you price your brand has a lot to do with the rest of the lines you carry. Find out why.

Learn the psychology behind effective salon displays.

Step back and look at the products in your retail space and back bar. What are they saying about you to your clients?

The Holy Grail: Products that sell themselves.


Client Experience
What impacts us more? An advertisement or how we’re actually treated? Your team is your #1 marketing tool so be sure it’s doing the job right.

Unless you’ve never had a walk-in you need to pay attention to that salon across the street.


Learn the secrets of our best leaders, past, present, and future.

Most managers don’t interview any two people the same way. Improve your interviewing skills and learn what you need to know about candidates.

Learn why it’s best to be very slow to hire—and very fast to fire.

“Here’s your chair” is not a method. Bring your people on board and into your brand.

Pay for performance
Most salons pay stylists based on habit. Learn why paying for performance is a competitive advantage.

Evaluation and development
The best way to improve is to receive timely feedback. Learn how to evaluate and develop your team.


Putting your logo on prestige private label natural hair care products, taking a new look at your salon through the eyes of your clients, creating a visual communication system, defining your voice, and teaching your staff to sing your song: this and more is branding.

Whether you’re ready to take a doable first step, or dive deep into what your business stands for and what it could become, genesis has a the material and the expertise to light the way.

Our experienced faculty has the knowledge to walk the path with you. We come from deep inside the beauty industry as well as from new perspectives outside. We bring you insights from retail, sales, leadership, website development, process development, human resource management, and the graphic arts. Basically, everything you need to learn, grow, and transform your salon into a strong unique brand.

You’re not in this alone. Genesis is your partner to help you be the brand.

“The beautiful thing about learning is no one can take it away from you”

-B.B. King