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You’re a hardworking, talented stylist who’s always wanted to control your destiny. At genesis, we are here to help you and show you how to create and start your own hair care line.

Genesis is a leading manufacturer of private label black hair care products, offering special formulations for natural hair. Our Moisturizing Shampoo provides radiant shine thanks to a plant powered complex featuring coconut milk protein. And our unique Amethyst Oil calms frizz while protecting against heat damage.

With Genesis, it’s easy to start your own hair care line and transform your small business into a recognizable brand. Our private label hair products for African Americans will help your salon attract more clients, keep the best staff, and support your salon’s growth and vitality.

You believe in yourself and your salon. The first step to launching your own successful private label natural hair care brand is to believe in your product.

Order a sample kit & we’ll send you all of our retail size private label hair products from our comprehensive  line. (*Products subject to availability).

Sample Bottle display featuring multiple sizes and functions

All of our private label hair care products from our comprehensive line focus on moisturizing, smoothing, and nourishing hair to address the unique hair needs of your clients with course, curly, permed, colored, and moisture-challenged hair. If that would best describe your clientele, then this is the right sample kit for you!

Test our private label black hair products and let us know what you think. If you complete your enrollment with genesis within thirty (30) days of receiving your private label sample kit, we’ll credit the cost toward your first order, making it absolutely free! Best of all, when you work with genesis you don’t have to worry about large product reorder minimums. We make it easy to start building your brand today.

Note to self, order samples today!