Hair Care Essentials: Enhancing Client Experience


Hair Care is such a personal and essential part of our everyday routine. As professionals, it is a vital part of your clients’ appointments and a commitment to our outstanding service.


Recognizing Customer Needs


Selling our guests the right products allows them to achieve the same desired look they hope for when styling their hair at home! After all, they trust us! Hair Care is over a billion-dollar business in our industry and is ever-increasing. It is essential for us to recognize this demand for quality hair care within our salons and provide our guests with it during their visit. If the customer leaves our salon without purchasing retail, we may be teaching them to buy their retail elsewhere. We need to remember, there’s a whole world of retail outside of our salons, so let’s be sure to capture that sale while our guest is in our chair! And make sure to be boosting retail sails when we have the chance!


Power of Bundling


Get bundling! Bundling is a powerful cross-selling technique that encourages customers to explore three or more products at a time. Bundles usually offer “Savings,” “Bonuses,” and sometimes Complimentary Products. We don’t know about you, but we’re all for saving money, and we’re sure your guests are too!


Creative Bundling Ideas


You could create bundles that combine everyday hair care staples like, “The Healthy Hair Bundle” – A Moisture Shampoo, A Moisture Conditioner, and an Everyday Miracle Treatment or “The Weekly Deep Clean Bundle” – A Volume Shampoo (Use 1st for deep cleaning), A Moisture Shampoo (used 2nd for moisture), and Moisture Conditioner. We’ll discuss bundle suggested pricing later, but essentially modifying the price of the third product at a small savings is enough to have your guest investing on impulse! Our guests will leave our salon with three or more retail items at a savings, but they also leave knowing our salon/stylist cares enough to create a unique offer just for them!


Tailored Bundles for Specialized Services


Bundled offers can also be created for specific services like our Keratin and Extension guests. Not only will this bundle help them know what products are safe to use for their hair, but it could also maximize their results and provide longevity to their service! These bundles could include up to four to five products. A suggestion for a Keratin or Extension Bundle could include these favorites: Moisture Shampoo, Moisture Conditioner, Everyday Miracle Treatment, and Styling Cream! They might even warrant incorporating a Dry Shampoo or Amethyst Oil depending on the client or desired results! See how we just expanded your retail ticket?!

These types of bundles can also be incorporated into the service price and included as a gift with the first-time service to ensure the client has the necessities to protect their investment!


Effective Pricing Strategy & Building Brand Loyalty


A great way to bundle would be to offer the shampoo and conditioner at full price and the third product at 25% or 50% off. Be sure to highlight the cost savings of the bundle vs. the value of the bundle so the customer is aware of the savings! Most importantly, selling Your Brand bundles or retail will always ensure they replenish these items exclusively with YOU on their next visit!



In wrapping up, let’s highlight how boosting retail sales in your salon can truly elevate the experience for both you and your clients. It’s not just about increasing revenue; it’s about connecting on a deeper level and ensuring your clients leave feeling cared for and confident.

Imagine the smile on your client’s face when they leave with the perfect bundle of products, tailored just for them. It’s not just about selling; it’s about enhancing their at-home styling routine and making them feel special. Bundling isn’t just a sales tactic; it’s a way to show your clients that you understand their needs and are here to support them every step of the way.

By crafting bundles that cater to specific services like keratin treatments or extensions, you’re not just selling products; you’re providing solutions. You’re giving your clients the tools they need to maintain and maximize the results of their salon experience.

And let’s not forget the personal touch. Highlighting the cost savings and emphasizing the value of each bundle shows your clients that you’re looking out for them, not just their wallets. It’s about building trust and loyalty, ensuring that they’ll keep coming back to you for their hair care needs.

So, as you think about boosting retail sales in your salon, remember the impact it can have beyond the numbers. It’s about creating meaningful connections, one bundle at a time!