1. Freedom from diversion and competition.

It breaks our hearts to see salon product manufacturers use the trust that occurs between you and your clients to establish their business, and then bite the hand that feeds them by offering your clients those exact same products, online, through beauty stores, and sometimes even in drugstores/grocery stores.

We realized the best way to free you from diversion and these competitors is by giving you a turnkey solution where you can create your very own professional salon hair product line.  A line that your clients will love, trust, and only purchase in your salon.

2. Freedom to set your own prices

Once you are free from the cuffs of diversion and internet competition, you become free to set your retail product’s prices to whatever cost best fits. We’ve made our wholesale cost very affordable so you have maximum flexibility in setting your prices. You could make your line the most expensive product on your shelves and reap massive profits, or make it the most affordable product on your shelves for the clients who claim they can’t afford your current retail offerings. You also are free to collaborate with your community and give percentages of product sales towards something you’re passionate about.

3. Freedom to collaborate

When creating your own hair product line the opportunities for collaboration are endless. You can collaborate with anyone in your community!

A favorite example is that you could collaborate with a local charity your salon is passionate about. Reach out to them and see if they are interested in receiving X% of product sales towards their benefit. With permission, we can even print the charity’s logo anywhere on the bottle to heighten awareness.

Another form of collaboration you could pursue is with your clients. For example…let’s say you have a client who is a passionate painter, you could put their artwork onto their favorite product!

Or…maybe you have a neighboring business next door that you could collaborate with in any way you feel helps both parties’ clients.

You could even collaborate with other stylists by selling them your own retail line or by developing one together.

4. Free from massive bulky inventory and large minimums

Normally, if you were to start your own product line it would cost you a lot of time and money. You would have to find a chemist to formulate products, a lab to mass produce those products, packaging for those products, a graphic designer, labels, and then assemble it all together yourself. You also would have to order in quantities from hundreds to thousands of units per product, every time you needed to restock.

When working with Genesis, the process is simple and turnkey. You can start your own hair product line brand for a grand! All of which includes a choice of multiple amounts of pre-formulated products, marketing materials, back-bar, and assistance with our graphic design team!

Once you’ve started and are our partner, there are no minimum order quantities to abide by. You are free to order in any amount that suits you,  like you would with some of your other favorite salon product lines.

5. Artistic freedom

Normally, your canvas ends at your client’s scalp. Now, you are free to expand your artistic canvas onto your retail line!

Think of Genesis products as a blank canvas with professional salon-grade plant-powered ingredients inside.

Using our UV printer with unlimited color options, the sky is the limit on what we can bring to life! Let your imagination run wild! You’re free to give each product its very own imagery, color scheme, and name. Create something you are proud of, so when people ask you, “What’s your favorite product line?” your answer could is “My own!”

PAINT YOUR RETAIL MASTERPIECE! Get started and request a sample kit today.