Aimer Cheveux DisplayThis week we launched Salon West’s new private label hair care line called Aimer Cheveux, which is French for “love hair.” Stacia Wentz, the owner of Salon East and Salon West located in York, PA, came up with the label design for her line and she has a great story behind the design she chose. The Eiffel Tower she used is more than just a pretty label. Stacia loves the Eiffel tower and one of her Salons, Salon East, is Eiffel Tower-themed! She shared with us that she has customers who think of her whenever they see the Eiffel Tower, which is why she incorporated it into her product labels! Now her customers will think of Stacia and her Salon whenever they pick up her pretty products.

We also want to share how Stacia added her own personal flair to display her private label line. She added some accessories throughout the display to create the look and feel that she wants convey to her customers, and it looks great. Congratulations Stacia! We are so excited for you and wish you and your salon all the best!

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