Discover the transformative power of running a charitable campaign in your salon. This guide explores the benefits, and tips that will elevate your salon’s reputation and make a positive impact in your community. Unlock the beauty of philanthropy and attract new clients while fostering a sense of purpose and fulfillment for your team. Start making a difference today!

1. Find what you, your stylists, and your clients are passionate about 

Passion is the key to success. The more passion involved in your cause, the more engagement will occur. Ask your clients and team what charitable causes they are passionate about. Take note and make a list of each response.

2. Choose a campaign 

Go over your list, find common interests and narrow the list to three options. Have your team anonymously vote on which of the three charities they feel most passionate about.

Here are some of our favorites:

Humane Society

Restore Salon Services

St. Jude

Locks of Love

3. Reach out to that campaign (if eligible, if not sending a donation is fine)

Introduce yourself and your salon’s passion for its mission. Ask what actions would be most helpful in contributing to their cause. Ask for art files to print which can help enlighten your clients about their cause while in your salon. Discuss cross-marketing if appropriate. 

4. Contact us

Get all of the tools you need to officially launch your charitable campaign:

Products to bundle (in which you can donate a percentage of sales towards your charitable cause)

– Our design team can help you with anything you need to running a charitable campaign in your salon

– Our knowledgeable sales and marketing team can assist in creating the campaign that really drives home your cause!


5. Soft launch 

Select an official launch date and start spreading the news of what’s coming via word of mouth, and on all of your social media channels.

6. Get pumped 

Let your enthusiasm be contagious! Have a staff meeting and express how happy and excited you are to officially launch your campaign. Discuss how you all will be making the world a better place!

Invite a charity spokesperson to participate and get the team more in touch with whom they will be supporting. Also, consider giving your staff a boost incentive in sales towards this cause. Hypothetically, let’s say you normally give 10% commission to your staff on retail sales. Consider instead offering them a higher set dollar amount per service/retail bundle towards that cause.

For example, let’s say you are selling a bundle of two products towards your campaign for $30, tell your team they will make $x.xx for every kit they sell and will be raising $x.xx towards that cause. Hearing dollar amounts can motivate stylists to take action more than hearing percentages. 

7. Launch party

Invite your clients, staff, and charity that you are collaborating with to a party at your salon.

Let local media know what you are doing! They are always looking for content and covering your cause is a feel-good story that can attract more participation from the public.

8. Include a service towards your cause

In addition to donating a percentage of each bundled retail sale, choose a designated in-salon service in which a percentage can be donated as well.

It works best when you sync the service along with what the retail product accomplishes.

For example, let’s say you’re collaborating with a charity that helps children find homes. You could do a toning service called “tone for tots” and bundle purple shampoo with a styling product as your retail offering. 

9. Share your success

Post photos of your clients who contribute to your campaign. It can be before and after of your highlighted service or a picture of them holding up retail bundles they have purchased. Make sure to tag us and the charity you are collaborating with for we would love to share/repost these photos and so may they!

10. Smile 🙂

Use your smile to change the world! Be happy you’re making your community a better place!

“Life is like a mirror. Smile at it and it smiles back at you!” – Peace Pilgrim