Here is the sixth and final rule to follow for a successful Private Label. This last rule will tell you how to make sure your brand gets off the ground.

26628401_l222Your brand needs to shoot off like a rocket or it may never get off the ground. First, plan a well thought out launch with your staff. The more serious you seem with your brand from the outset, the more likely they are to get on board. Training your team on the products themselves is very important. They must have a mastery of the product knowledge and usage. Unlike other products, they must be able to speak intimately about your private label to clients or it won’t appear that they are fully involved in the eyes of your client. After all, if it’s the salon’s brand, they better seem like experts. Ask your private label supplier how they can assist in the training of your team.

Having a very aggressive launch promotion can be a great way to start your brand. Don’t be cheap, get aggressive! Selling regimens for a special launch price can be effective. Think of creative ways to tie products to other things in the salon such as prebooking, gift certificate sales, and add-on services. This can be a great way to get your products in clients’ hands as well as cross-market other areas in the salon. Some forward-thinking suppliers are willing to partner with you on promotions in the interest of having you be successful with your private label. You can also build anticipation with your clients with a “coming soon” campaign.  Send out a series of excitement building messages via email, social media and traditional media so clients start asking questions.

This concludes the 6 rules in our recipe for success in launching your private label. We revealed one rule at a time, so check out our other posts to read all 6 rules!