Summer is full of sunshine, fragrant blooms and warm breezes, but summer is also a challenging time of year for many salon owners. This is the season when your clients may be skipping their regular salon visits in lieu of summer getaways and long days at the swimming pool.

As a salon owner, you’ve probably already come to terms with the fact that your business may experience a slowdown throughout the summer months. You may also be wondering if there is anything you can do to get more people in the salon during the slow season. Fortunately, we have some salon management tips for preventing the summer blues and creating promotions to help increase sales.

It’s as simple as 1,2,3

Schedule One Reservation for a Raffle Entry – If you’re looking for a simple tip, this is it!  Help prevent the summer slump by encouraging clients to reserve their next appointment before leaving the salon during their visit in May or June. Each time a client reserves her next appointment before leaving the salon, enter her name into the raffle. Winners will be randomly selected as frequently as you choose. Prizes may include anything from a free salon service, a private label hair care product or a gift certificate. You may even consider bartering with a nearby restaurant or boutique to cross-promote your businesses. Publicize winners on your social media pages so that clients know that you are actively giving gifts away.

Two for the Price of One – Encourage your clients to bring a friend who has never been to the salon before. Then, reward both the friend and the client by giving them a half-price service. Ensure that both clients get exceptional service and increase the likelihood of them rebooking before they leave the salon.

The Power of 3 – Now, this one is a bit trickier, however very a valuable tip, nonetheless. The third idea is to get your clients to schedule their next three appointments at once and reward them to their loyalty. For example, if a client books three appointments, give them one complimentary service for each visit, such as a free paraffin hand treatment, a complimentary hair treatment or a travel size hair care product. These gifts don’t have to be expensive to please your clients.

As you can see, with a little creativity, there are many ways to improve your business through the summer months and beyond. Start with one of our salon management tips for beating the summer blues and show your customers that their loyalty is appreciated.

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