Note: This content was originally posted a while back – but the message is still right on target today. The advantage of private label hair care is more significant than ever.

How does having my own private label hair care products help me build credibility and trust with my clients so that they rebook, refer and write great reviews?

Have you ever met someone that has written a book? What is your immediate response? My response usually is “I’m impressed! You must be an expert.” Basically, I get the feeling that if someone spent the time and energy to write about a topic, they must be credible and trustworthy. Now, have you ever met someone who has their own private label hair care brand? Was your reaction like mine? Were you impressed?

It’s the same for the salon who has started their own hair care products line, their level of credibility and trust goes to the next level with their clients.  The client thinks “Wow, they must be an expert.” It becomes a point of difference! The stylist/owner and their products now differentiate themselves from the thousands (757,700 by 2018) of other stylist, salons and products.

In building your brand you want it to be three things: Signature, Spectacular and Sustainable. When you have your own private label haircare lines, it allows you to “check” all three boxes above.

  • Signature: No more of your client saying “I’ll buy it online”, “I have a coupon from Ulta”, “I saw that in Hair Cuttery”. You have an exclusive line that is unique to your salon.
  • Spectacular: Clients are able to replicate the look you created – at home! They will look and feel great in between appointments.
  • Sustainable: The product serves as a souvenir of their experience, and they have a daily reminder in their shower of your salon and your gift as a stylist.

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