It’s time for salons across America to stop under-appreciating their value. For decades, the paradigm of a typical salon and stylist has been to seek out hair care brands that they feel communicates a message to their clients about the type of salon they are. In other words, they rely on haircare companies to “credentialize” themselves. This is insane! Foundational to this is the thought that stylists and salons need hair care lines to enhance their brand image?! Here is a fun game to play that totally blows this concept up. Ask 50 of your clients 2 questions:
  1. What’s the name of your salon?
  2. What brand of products do you carry (don’t let them peek)?
We are certain that the vast majority will know the name of the salon and have no clue what the products are called. Their best guess will be something like “it’s black with red writing, I think it has a number on it…” The moral of this story: Your salon’s brand is stronger and more memorable for your salon clients than any hair product company you could use to affect your salon and stylists brand identity. Your clients don’t care about the hair care brands! Contrary to the age old paradigm that salons need product companies, it’s the opposite. The product companies rely on your salons and stylists to bring their products to life in your customer’s minds. Without stylists using and sharing these products, they are meaningless to your clients. Therefore, why are we putting all this effort into building other company’s brands? Private label offers you an opportunity to channel all that power and effort back into your own brand that you can control and reap the long-term benefits. It’s time more salons wake up to this lost opportunity and realize that we don’t need other people’s brands to build our salon identity. genesis private label can help you build your salon’s brand along with customer loyalty. Learn how private label hair products can take your salon to the next level.