We need to whisper this because it’s a long kept secret. Most of the hair care brands in the industry, whether it be styling products, shampoo, hair color or scissors, are private label. Meaning, the brand that is on the bottle is not actually the company manufacturing the product itself. Whether it’s made in a factory in Italy, China, or Miami, most of the brands in our industry don’t actually make their own products. Rather, they go to a contract manufacturer that creates the product for them. In other words, they are simply private labels. So, there is a fair likelihood that the products currently on your shelves are a private label.

So, if we are already using someone’s private label, wouldn’t it make more sense for it to be our own? Some people wrongfully feel that when salons create their own private labels that the products aren’t of the same caliber as the “leading industry brands”. This is crazy! With private label brands like Genesis, you are getting access to the same labs that make products for these very same industry brands! Why continue to hype products that are someone else’s private label?

Let’s channel our energy into our own private label. From trying our hair product samples and choosing the right products, to working with expert designers to translate your brand to the label, working with Genesis is as easy as 1-2-3. Contact us today to find out more.