There are 4 questions you need to ask when choosing a private label hair products supplier.


What are the costs involved?

Of course you want to know what the costs of the products are. But, what is the cost of the shipping? What is the turnaround time, which means the holding costs you are going to have? What are the minimums that you have to order when you place your orders? All of that has to do with the cost and the cash flow that it’s going to take for you to have your own brand.


Do they offer marketing support?

Do they have loyalty programs? Do they have merchandising to help you market and promote your brands? Do they have social media support? Some of the private label hair care companies offer these types of services.


What are the quality of the ingredients?

You want to make sure you have awesome products because you’re putting your name on it. You have to love them.


What is their service like?

You’re marrying this company. You want to make sure that when you work with them, you get great service on an ongoing basis. So make sure you ask all those questions and have a great success with your private label. Genesis can help you with branding your salon and hair products. Contact us today!