Do you know who is in your shower? Meaning, can you tell me what the names of products are in your shower right now? I hope so, they are with you every morning when you gear up for your day. So, every time you get ready to go somewhere, as part of your daily ritual, you have your team of products assisting you to look your best. Subconsciously, there is a value you associate to these products as they help you to feel your best. Wouldn’t it be great, if for all of your salon clients, that value was associated to you and your products instead of some 3rd party brand that we bring into the equation?

For the average client, we may see them in the salon for 30 minutes every 6 weeks. That’s only about 9 hours a year! Now, think how much time a year that same clients spends at home getting ready each day. If we can extend our branding opportunity beyond the 4 walls of the salon and into the shower, it dramatically extends the power and strength of your brand in the life of your client. By using private label to create your own product brand you achieve this very goal! Now, not only is your brand responsible for great hair for the 9 hours a year you see your client, it transcends into the shower and daily ritual of your client. This is how you can take your overall salon’s brand identity to the next level!

If you’re ready for your clients to bring your brand home with them and make you part of their day, contact Genesis to get started.