Rule #3

During the process of starting your private label you will need to figure out which company is right for you. Our third rule in launching a successful private label gives you the criteria to help choose the right company.

rule3imageGet in bed with the right company – It’s a marriage, after all, the products are taking on your name! While you are dating, you want to learn these things about your potential mates:

  • Lead time on reorders
  • Shipping costs and order minimums
  • Cost of the products
  • Quality of the products
  • Ease of doing business (don’t underestimate this. Once you launch with a company, you are stuck with them. Do your best to avoid getting into a relationship with a company who offers bad service).
  • Marketing support (if any)
  • Loyalty program(if any)

By asking these questions during the preliminary courtship, you’re less likely to end up in divorce court.

This concludes rule #3 in our recipe for success in launching your private label. Our 6 rules will be revealed one at a time, so stay tuned to read them all!

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