Today we are giving you the number one rule that will aid you in starting your own Private Label! If you’re a salon owner and have been considering starting your own label but just haven’t taken those steps yet, keep an eye out for our six rules to success. This first rule focuses on making sure your salon and reputation are prepared for the development of your very own brand.

Rule #1

rule1imageDon’t let your ego be the only driver of this decision, although I’m sure you are pretty awesome! Before you invest too much money and time into developing your own brand, make sure you are a good fit for it. Private label thrives in salons where the owner and staff have a healthy culture. Healthy internal culture is a primary determinant in a private label brand’s success. In other words if the staff is plotting your demise in the break room right now, it will be an uphill battle. On the flip side, when culture is strong it usually bodes well for a private label success.

Another consideration is the strength of your salon’s brand identity in the local market. If your reputation and brand are strong and your clients have great feelings toward your business as a whole, this should transfer well over to your product line. If, for some reason, your reputation in the market is questionable or weak, launching your own brand likely isn’t a great idea. This may sound like a basic concept, but it’s important. If your main motivation is simply to see your name on a bottle, but you aren’t a good candidate, success will be a struggle.

This concludes rule #1 in our recipe for success in launching your private label. Our 6 rules will be revealed one at a time, so stay tuned to read them all!

If you need help determining whether or not you are a good candidate, call us today at (855) 592-6199 and we will help!