You know private label is key more profit and greater branding success. You have a vision for your own brand and you’re making your plans. But, what could go wrong?

Maybe nothing—if you think it through first. Think through which kind of candidate you are for private label branding. Start with your salon’s culture. Are you a tight knit group or verging on mutiny? Is everyone, “In it for themselves,” or interested in being part of something “Bigger than themselves”? Your answer is an important clue about how to get your team’s support and get them behind your new brand. In some salons private label is a chance to improve morale and team spirit. In others, it’s an opportunity to take it to even greater heights.

Next, frankly assess your reputation. If your salon already has a good name in the community, private label products will enhance it. If your reputation could use some work, then launching your own line of private label products can be the catalyst for changes you know you need to make—whether it’s management, culture, staff, services, and/or client experience.

So, step one is about getting a handle on who you are as a salon and how strong your reputation is in your local community. Base your plan on those realities. Private label, by itself, is not a magic bullet, but it is a strategic move in the right direction when it’s part of an overall salon strategy.

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