How can you get your staff involved and excited about your private label? It may seem like a challenge, but there are some easy techniques to helping your staff feel included. Private Label success rule number 5 will tell you how.

rule5image As you probably already know, getting you staff to sell products can be like herding kittens. It’s especially difficult if they don’t believe in a brand. Therefore, you must get them involved in your brand early on in order to ensure they will promote it to their clients. The goal is to have your team feel as involved and proud of your brand as you are. Strategies to do this include having them involved in testing the products. This way, you know they believe in the quality of the products out of the gate. Some salons let the staff help name the brand or design the label. This can be fun for everyone and makes them feel part of the brand’s success. Another thing to consider is taking some of the extra margin from your private label’s sales and creating a special incentive for your team that is more aggressive than your other brands. While this can be especially effective for those motivated by money, it isn’t always the way to your team’s heart. Some salons have taken a portion of each product sale and donated to a cause that the whole salon believes in. This can be a great strategy because it not only can rally the staff; it speaks to the clients as well, in addition to helping your community.

This concludes rule #5 in our recipe for success in launching your private label. Our 6 rules will be revealed one at a time, so stay tuned to read them all!

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