How can you get your staff involved and excited about your private label? It may seem like a challenge, but there are some easy techniques to helping your staff feel included. Let’s delve into rule #5, offering invaluable insights into staff involvement.

As you probably already know, motivating your team to sell products can feel like herding kittens, especially if they lack belief in the brand. Early staff involvement is key to fostering their commitment to promoting the label to clients. The aim is for your team to share the same pride and enthusiasm for your brand as you do.

One effective strategy is to involve them in product testing, ensuring they have firsthand experience with the quality of the offerings. Some salons even allow staff to participate in naming the brand or designing the label, which can be fun for everyone and make them feel part of the brand’s success. 

Another thing to consider is taking some of the extra margins from your private label’s sales and creating a special incentive for your team that is more aggressive than your other brands. While financial rewards may motivate some, others may be inspired by initiatives aligned with shared values. For example, some salons have taken a portion of each product sale and donated to a cause that the whole salon believes in. This can be a great strategy because it not only can rally the staff; it speaks to the clients as well, in addition to helping your community.

This marks the conclusion of rule #5 in our recipe for private-label success. Stay tuned as we unveil each of our six rules, guiding you toward a triumphant private label launch!

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