You are an expert in your field and it’s time to flaunt it. Research from the Professional Beauty Association shows that most salon clients overwhelmingly agree that they want their hair dresser to help them solve beauty issues and teach them how to care for their hair. Clients want your insight and expert opinions. Engaging them in conversations about their hair care helps everyone. You earn their trust and loyalty by offering expert advice which can often, increase salon retail sales. It’s a winning situation.

Why is this important?  Over the last 30 years, retailers like Ulta, Sephora, Target or the HSN (Home Shopping Network) have continued to increase sales of hair care products. And while they are selling more, many salons are selling less. We want to change that.

When someone goes into a big box retail store, they may be guessing what will work best for their hair based on product packaging and their own feelings about their hair. They have no one educating them on product ingredients or proper usage and they may, or may not, be choosing the right products. On the other hand, clients who are educated by their stylists can receive specific recommendations for their hair from someone they trust.

If client education is so beneficial for salons and their clients, then why aren’t more stylists comfortable advising their clients on the techniques and products that will help them the most? One of the issues that salons are facing is that stylists are reluctant to recommend in-house retail or private label products because they feel pushy and don’t like feeling like a sales-person. If we start thinking about client education first, the retail sales will come in without “selling” at all. By focusing on open-ended questions, addressing any concerns and making honest recommendations, you can give your clients the service and education they deserve.

Remember, your clients value your expert opinion and want your guidance. You can fulfill their beauty needs by confidently providing them with tips and tricks that will help them maintain gorgeous hair. The bottom line is that if you want to increase salon retail sales, stop selling and start educating. Your clients will thank you for it.

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