Strategically selecting the brands to carry can be an important part of your salon’s success. Not only can it be big driver of your retail sales, it can affect your overall business too. The hair product brands you choose to partner with communicates a message to the world. Make sure you align with what that message is saying.

Less is more

One really important rule, regardless of which professional salon product brands you choose, is less is more! When a study was done with salons that achieved great retail sales, one thing they all had in common is that none had more than 3 brands. Being able to focus your team and your customers is important.

How to choose salon product brands

Other considerations when evaluating brands are:

  • Client tastes for your target audience – is it fashion, being natural, science based?
  • Cultural fit with your salon culture.
  • Price point.
  • Support that the brand offers – don’t underestimate the value that this can translate to your business.
  • Availability – do you want something that’s very mainstream and widespread/available in drugstores or something  more unique to you.
  • Performance – your hairdressers have to love it and believe in it.

In considering all these items, increasingly more and more stylists and salon studios are embracing private label hair products. Not only does it give them the flexibility on addressing some of the other points above, when it comes to matching the culture of the salon, selling your own brand is of course the best possible way to achieve this. Additionally, given that private label naturally allows for the salon to choose the pricing, it can be helpful at filling in a product portfolio at various price points.