No category has been more embraced than beauty when it comes to video tutorials on-line. Unfortunately, much of this energy has come from influencers and non-professionals. In other words, your customers are learning hair tips and product suggestions from less qualified people than you, and they are listening to them?! We can easily take back this role by creating our own video hair tutorials and retail product recommendations. Not only will it boost your salon retail sales, but it will elevate your status as an expert in the eyes of your client.

4 Salon video tips

  1. Do a “how-to” video right on the client in the chair! Literally, have the client hold the phone or tablet and film themselves as you talk into the camera and show them how to use the products. It’s like them having a personalized “how-to” video where they are the actual model! Send this video home with them and they will not only buy products from you, they are sure to tell all their friends about you.
  2. Create a selfie video showing how you style your own hair using a product(s). If you want to take it to the next level, perhaps you shoot portions in time lapse and can even do the audio separate as a voice over. If that intimidates you technically speaking, just start by shooting a couple of simple ones to get started. You can show the technique for a minute or two then cut the video to the finished result.
  3. Do hair on a model as if giving a platform show to a consumer. Again, voiceover and time lapse can help to make the video shorter, yet higher quality.
  4. Do simple product reviews. This is the easiest to do because all you need to do is talk in front of the camera. Without any hair being done, simply highlight a specific product and talk about why you love it so much and how you use it. This is great for new products your salon brings in or seasonal type items. This is also great to get your stylists involved with “stylist product faves”

It’s time to become a social media beauty influencer in the life of your clients. Creating a how-to video is a great way to spotlight your favorite products or “signature style”. Check out a great example of a “how-to” video we put together here: How to Get a Silky Smooth Blowout.

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