It can be thrilling to launch your own private label hair care line. It’s an incredible way to amplify your salon’s brand identity and signify to your customers and staff that you are one of the best salons in the industry. Having said that, you must put in the effort to ensure that the brand is successful. Here are some tips to make this happen:


Have your key stylists be part of the process early on

If you just show up one day and say “surprise”, they aren’t likely to accept the private label brand as their own. You want “your” private label haircare line to be “their” private brand too. One way to maximize that potential is bring them in on the process early. Discuss the reasons for launching it in the first place. Share the pros and cons of various private label manufacturers. Have them test the products with you. Have them help contribute to the naming and look of the logo. Lastly, have them participate in the launch and marketing of the brand. It should be a team effort.


Have a killer launch

Unlike launching a traditional brand who may have an educator come in and organize a launch event, with private label hair product lines, you must take the initiative to do this yourself. Ask your private label supplier for what resources they have to help you. Things to include are:

  • a class to train your staff
  • ‘coming soon’ marketing done both digitally and in print
  • a kick-off promotion for your clients/contest for your stylists
  • ensuring that the stylist stations and backbar are focused with your brand and not a traditional brand. It doesn’t send a great message about your belief in your brand if your salon favors other products to use on the clients while they are in the salon.


Market your brand

Once again, unlike a traditional haircare company that may do this on your behalf, with private label salon brands the onus is on you to be a great marketer. The good news is that you have a large profit margin with your private label hair care products, so reinvest some of this into marketing and promotions. Areas to consider include:

  • social media posts with your stylists using the products to achieve certain looks
  • signage and merchandising pieces in the salon
  • gift with purchase and promotions, along with contests for your team and clients

If you just sit the products on the shelf and hope they fly, you are likely set up for a disappointment. A good private label product supplier will assist you in this endeavor, so ask them what tools they have to help you.

The trend of salons moving to private label is accelerating for obvious reasons. Most notably, to protect against loss of business via the internet, ulta, etc., but also because it’s a great tool to help build the salon’s overall brand. If you follow some of the tips above, it will be a great for your business!

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