When it comes to running a business, there is one thing that should not be taken for granted. That is: the power of communication. Whether you are communicating hair care techniques to your clients or giving your staff salon management tips, this is one area that deserves your attention.

One way to keep open lines of communication is by regularly having team meetings. And before you brush off this idea due to past negative experiences, you should consider the importance of your staff. Your staff members are undoubtedly the most important resource that your salon has. It only makes sense that effective communication within your team is key to a profitable long-term strategy.

Here 5 simple tips for successful team meetings:

  • Don’t delay getting started. By initiating an on-going dialogue with your team, you will have a more productive group that is more satisfied in their work environment. It also minimizes the risk of surprise resignations since everyone’s thoughts and concerns are shared more frequently.
  • Start each day with a daily huddle. Each shift should begin with a brief, 5-10 minute, huddle. Keep the format consistent. Discuss the daily goals, important reminders, current promotions, and motivational thoughts. Conclude the daily huddle on a high note by commending a great performance by an individual team member from the previous day.
  • Schedule structured monthly staff meetings. These monthly meetings should be very structured and have a formal agenda. Not only will this help you to stay focused, but it will also help to avoid awkward silence which can lead to complaining. Include other staff members in the meetings so that one person is not doing all the talking. And try to stay as positive as possible, while sharing important information and addressing any concerns.
  • Make it interesting. In order to keep your team interested in what is being said, keep it short and sweet. Loosen everyone up with a group icebreaker and then move onto the more serious business issues. Review of all key sales ratios for the month vs. salon’s goal. Celebrate the associates that had particularly great months and introduce new promotions or marketing initiatives. Give your team an opportunity to brainstorm about specific areas of the business that need improvement.
  • Follow up with individual meetings. Having regularly scheduled time with each associate gives you an opportunity to review their progress and have conversations that relate specifically to them. Ideally, these meetings should be anywhere from 30-60 minutes, but if you need to make them shorter to accommodate your schedule, do what works for you. During the one-on-one meeting, discuss their personal performance, including area that they excel or areas they could use some improvement. Understanding them on both a personal and professional level is imperative.

Salon management tips may be plentiful, however these are 5 tips you shouldn’t ignore.

Don’t get discouraged as it may take time for your team to get comfortable with the new methods of communication. Start slow, stay on track and persevere. Incorporate scheduled meetings into your salon routine and, over time, you will see progress.