Culture. It’s a word we all know, but how is it relevant to your business? Whether you are just starting a salon or have been in the business for decades your success relies on your ability to build an organization with great culture. Then, once you attain it, you must protect it wholeheartedly.

Management consultant, Peter Drucker is known for saying, “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Drucker had a firm belief that no matter how good your strategy is or how intelligent you are, if you don’t have a great culture within your business, it will be difficult to succeed.

Essentially, success is only attainable with the right people. This is why the culture of your salon can make such a big difference. People’s actions are influenced by their environment, and in an organization with an excellent culture, average people can advance far beyond expectations.

You may already know the challenges one faces when starting a salon, however, it can also be challenging to create a unique culture that allows salon staff to thrive. Think about how to develop and grow a good culture within your business. How can it be improved?

If you make it a priority to create a positive culture you will see a difference within your salon. Not only will your salon be stylish and sophisticated, but it will also have a culture that gives everyone the opportunity to exceed expectations. Pay attention to the things that aren’t being said and use that knowledge to change your salon for the better.

An incredible way to start a salon off with a cohesive culture is to launch your own brand. Your team will rally with pride around the fact that your salon has its own product line that is unique to your salon. At genesis, we can help you launch your own brand as soon as you open your salon.

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