Recently, the industry has been experiencing substantial growth and interest in two styling categories: men’s grooming and natural black hair care. The growth of these categories has led to new opportunities, including hair care product innovation and the emergence of edge control products.


Men’s grooming

Men’s grooming is one of the fastest growing categories in haircare. By 2024 this global market is estimated to be worth 29.14 billion US dollars. We wrote a blog on men’s haircare to review the ways in which you can provide service in this new and ever-expanding haircare category. In addition, we know that men are taking their styling more seriously these days. They’re spending more on toiletries, fragrances, and overall grooming products than ever before. They want beard conditioner, beard oil, and styling products that mold and shape their hair in as many varieties and ways as women but formulated specifically for their needs.


Natural hair care

Another booming haircare segment in today’s market is caring for natural black hair. Wearing your hair as it naturally is shows the world your natural, authentic self with healthy, full, bouncy, textured hair. However, many salons aren’t equipped to handle the beauty and unique needs of natural hair. Not only should your stylists know procedures and processes to preserve natural black hair and be able to suggest the right products, they have to sometimes educate clientele as well. Here’s what you (and your clients) need to know about caring for natural black hair:

  1. Cleansing – Choosing a mild shampoo that is sulfate-free is an essential first step. Select a shampoo that will cleanse while respecting the integrity of the hair.
  2. Conditioning – Keeping your locks hydrated is key to a healthy frizz-free style. Using products that naturally nourish your hair with ingredients like, coconut milk protein, sunflower seed extract and silk protein will keep hair in tip to shape.
  3. Styling – There are many choices depending on a desired end result. Layering a few different products to customize a look is the way to go.
  4. Edge control – Steps 1-3 will help whip your mane into shape but those edges…they can have a mind of their own. As those babies grow, they need some control. Finding the perfect edge-defining product can make all the difference in your look.

Did you know that both of these popular haircare segments can benefit from the use of the same product? Both men’s hair and natural hair need firm but flexible control that won’t leave hair white, crunchy, or flakey. Our Edge private label pomade is your go-to for control. Edge will sculpt, mold, and hold a style until the client decides to move it to a new shape. It provides a smooth edge with hold, control, and a semi-matte finish that you’ll be confident with. This pomade can be used on clients who have short styles, textured hair, fly aways, and more.

Staying on top of trends and providing ideal products that work for popular or emerging style trends can set your salon apart from competitors. Rely on genesis to learn more about what’s coming up in hair care and check out our private label hair product line.