Private label hair care is sweeping the retail world and salons because two things are converging right now.

First, retailers, including salons, are starting to realize that their brand means more to the life of their clients and is more powerful in the life of their clients than the other brands that they carry. If you ask a lot of your clients what salon they go to, they all know the name of the salon. But if you ask them what products are in their shower, a lot of them will say “oh it’s that black product,” or they can’t remember the name of the product because your company’s brand is more powerful than the products that you carry.

The second thing that is happening simultaneously is that, with the power of the internet and the pervasiveness of the products online, pricing is becoming really difficult for retailers to maintain. There is nothing special about carrying brands anymore because you can get them everywhere. So private label offers protection on the pricing, and it offers something special that only you have and only your clients can get from you, versus being able to get something at a million places online. The fact that you have that specialness from private label and that protection of pricing is making it very compelling. Whether you are Nordstrom’s, Trader Joes, or a salon, private label is the future and it is sweeping the country. Contact genesis today to start your own private label brand!