Private label for suite stylists is a home run! Forget everything you know about selling traditional products and embrace your very own brand in your suite.

Build Your Brand

Before we even talk money, let’s talk emotion. Your clients are so excited and proud of you for opening your own business that they will do whatever you ask of them to support you. When they see that you have curated your own private label salon brand for your suite, how could they say no?! This is the ultimate sign of your achievement of launching your own business and is a spectacular way of building your personal brand.

Drive Sales & Profit

On the money side of things, it’s a no brainer! You could literally have your rent paid for each week merely by the proceeds of your private label hair care sales. With a traditional brand, a suite stylist keeps about 50% of what they sell in retail, but with your own private label brand it can be whatever you choose. On average, suite stylists have a 70% margin with their own private label retail brands. That’s more than you ever made in commission for your hair services! If you sell one product to each of your clients, at that margin, you will have your rent paid for. Additionally your clients have to come back to you to repurchase vs going on amazon or buying from the drugstore.

Get a Leg Up on the Competition

Genesis private label is one of the only private label hair product manufacturers catering to independent suite stylists, so our minimums are very low. This means you can reap the rewards of private label usually reserved for larger salons. Start with a Sample Kit to try full-size products from our comprehensive line – there’s no catch! When you’re ready, we’re here to help you select a package, design your label, and get your own branded hair care line in your clients’ hands. When implemented correctly private label for suite stylists is a perfect pairing!