1. Stick to one niche!

Followers who are not your personal friends follow you for a specific reason. Stick to that! If your niche is hair then post only about things related to hair. Save your vacation posts for your personal account (or your stories) This doesn’t mean you can’t have a personality, in fact the more personality the better! Just keep things focused on your niche.


2. Pay attention to new updates and features on the app

Instagram wants to promote the new features they add to their platform. Take stories for example, they show up at the top of the feed front and center. Instagram TV (which is an under utilized feature) has the best real estate on the explore page because not many people are using it. The chances of you showing up on someones explore page increases exponentially! Polls were another big feature that grabs peoples attention. Add a poll sticker to your story and people will have a hard time not clicking the button.


3. Add what you are in your name

Chances are slim that people will be searching the exact name of your business. By adding what you do to your name (ex: Genesis Private Label Haircare) you will increase the odds of your name showing up in a search for said service.


4. Treat your captions like a mini blog

This creates personality and invites interactions. Don’t forget to ask questions or look for opinions! Even unfavorable opinions are an opportunity to show that you’re willing to work with others and find out what they need to trust your business. Think of it as the ultimate focus group while getting a chance to show off your personality and customer service skills. You will be surprised how quickly people will work with you when they discover you’re a real human and not a bot.


5. Alternate hashtags

If you’re on Instagram, chances are you’re familiar with hashtags. Most people will add the same list of relevant hashtags to their posts. If the Instagram algorithm sees the same thing from you too many times, it could wrongly identify you as a bot and your post will not show up in the explore feed. Keep your hashtags fresh and related to your niche. The more specific the hashtag the better chance your post will be seen within that hashtag search because there won’t be as large a number of posts within it.

Within the salon industry, it is important to stay on top of the latest social media trends in order to continuously bring in clients. Check out our work on the genesis private label Instagram page and then order a sample kit to get started with private label hair care!